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Filing a premises liability claim against the government

Premises liability claims are common in the United States, but sometimes these claims may be filed against the government. There are cases in which an accident takes place, or a person gets injured because of the negligence of the government. Negligence could mean defective sidewalks, a faulty traffic light, and other such situations. The government has a duty of care for the safety and well-being of the citizens when they are using public facilities. In certain cases, this duty is clearly violated or neglected.

The law gives certain government institutions sovereign immunity, which protects them from lawsuits and liability claims. But recently federal and state governments have tried to reduce the immunity to make sure institutions are held liable for negligence that leads to accidents.

The Federal Tort Claims Act waived off sovereign immunity in several circumstances, making it easier for people to sue the government. Before this act was passed, citizens could not sue the government for any incident unless Congress had legalized it explicitly. The Act gave citizens the right to sue the government in case of injury, accident or wrongful death. Furthermore, individuals acting within the government must always fulfill their responsibilities. Failing to do so might result in lawsuits and problems in the future. Anyone holding a government office can be sued for negligence leading to an accident or injury.

Premises liability lawsuits against the government can be complicated and difficult to handle. It is advisable to hire an experienced personal injury attorney to help you through the overwhelming process and make sure you are compensated.

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