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Compensation after a semitruck crash involves finding the cause

Being struck by a semitruck is a particularly troubling situation that can lead to significant changes in your life. In some crashes, innocent victims are left trying to learn how to live life with a disability. The impact of the semitruck on your vehicle might lead to you suffering from a brain injury. This might be a minor issue, such as a minor concussion. It can also be a much larger issue if you have global brain damage.

We understand that you are now in a place you never thought you would be. You might decide that you are going to seek compensation for the injuries you suffered. If you decide this, we can help determine how to proceed with your case.

It is important that we unearth the cause of the accident. This lets us know where we need to turn for compensation. If the brakes malfunctioned, we might turn to the manufacturer of the brakes. If the trucker was distracted, we might look to the trucker. If the trucker was rushing to meet deadline, we might turn to the trucking company. In some cases, there are multiple parties who might be responsible for the damages you suffered.

We will help you to evaluate your options as we work on your case. At some point, we might end up with a settlement offer to help you get the money you need as quickly as possible. This isn't always possible and some people don't want to accept a settlement. If you want to head to trial or if we can't resolve your case any other way, we will get your case ready for a trial.

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