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Everything You Need To Know About Workers’ Compensation

Workers face numerous workplace hazards on a daily basis in the U.S. Despite adequate measures taken by the employer, workers are still liable to slip-and-fall accidents which can adversely affect their livelihoods. When workers sustain workplace injuries such as cuts and bruises, the employer is obliged to compensate the affected employee for lost wages, and meet their medical and recovery costs to the letter. In most cases, an injured employee might resume their occupation upon adequate recovery. However, exposures to certain toxic materials can inadvertently contribute to occupational diseases with adverse effects on their health.

The constant exposure to toxic chemicals such as silica dust will ultimately render you ineffective as a worker in the worst case scenario. Unlike a typical injury, contraction of an occupation disease such as silicosis can abruptly end your career when the lung disease sets in. In most cases, occupational diseases will only exhibit symptoms after several months or years after the initial contraction. As a work accident victim, filing for workers’ compensation shouldn’t be a hassle especially in the presence of irrefutable evidence.

In such a situation, an employer will not only cover your medical expenses but also provide you with adequate compensation. However, the contraction of fatal diseases such as silicosis and accompanying conditions might derail any settlement efforts made by the employer. Based on their perception, an infected worker will undoubtedly raise medical expenses over a specified duration and covering such costs might be a challenge, to say the least. Rather than honor their employment obligation, you employer might play hardball when fulfilling employment claims. Rather than waste crucial time, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced New Mexico personal injury attorney for essential advice on the way forward.

As a work accident victim, seeking workers’ compensation should act as basic instinct especially when an employer exhibited negligence when setting up the construction site. The absence of adequate personal protective equipment or marked hazards can expose a construction worker to catastrophic injuries, which can consequently affect their profession. When injuries sustained are beyond your control, a responsible employer should step up and not only cover your medical expenses but also mark such hazards immediately. Sustaining a back injury from repetitive stress only portrays the tip of the iceberg to the real threats faced by workers.

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