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What kinds of injuries are covered under workers' compensation?

Workers' compensation coverage provides a very valuable protection for workers. It gives them somewhere to run for benefits if they are hurt at work and need medical care. Protections are also available for them if they can't work. It is important for anyone who thinks they might have a claim under workers' compensation to understand exactly what a compensable injury is so that they have a good idea of what they need to do.

Is an accident required for an injury to be compensable?

A compensable injury doesn't have to occur in an accident. Even repetitive motion injuries that occur over time are compensable under workers' compensation. The same is true for an illness that is caused by factors at work.

How is it determined if an injury is compensable?

Only work-related injuries are compensable. You can't claim workers' compensation for an injury that occurred in a car accident that happened on your free time. The tie that binds compensable injuries together is that they happened while you were working. The circumstances of the injury, the notes from medical care you receive and similar factors will come into the picture if you file for workers' compensation benefits.

If you suffer an injury, whether it was due to an accident or due to the cumulative effects of work conditions, you should consider filing for these benefits. Workers' compensation can help you to get the related medical bills covered. It can even provide you with partial wage replacement benefits if you have to remain off of work while you heal from the injury.

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