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Santa Fe couple struck, injured by distracted driver

A Santa Fe woman and her husband were seriously injured when they were struck by a motorist on June 30, 2017. The couple is believed to have been crossing the street while walking within the crosswalk at the intersection of Griffin Street and Paseo de Peralta when the car collided with them.

When an officer with the Santa Fe Police Department arrived at the scene, they first tended to the pair, estimated to both be in their 40s or 50s. Police noted that the woman appeared to have suffered a head injury. She was airlifted from the crash scene by helicopter for treatment at the University of New Mexico's Hospital. It's unclear what type of injuries the woman's husband might have suffered.After tending to the victims, police turned their attention to the woman seen as being responsible for causing their injuries. In interviewing the woman, she told police that she didn't remember seeing the couple in the crosswalk before striking them. They, however, noted that there was certain evidence they uncovered that suggested that she might have been distracted at the time the crash occurred.Investigators with the Santa Fe Police Department have yet to disclose what they believe might have distracted the woman at the time of the crash. They also haven't elaborated as to whether the woman will receive any traffic citations for driving while distracted. They also are currently weighing whether they'll file criminal charges against the woman for having caused the pair's injuries.The area around the intersection where the accident occurred remained closed for several hours after the crash. During that time, investigators attempted to reconstruct the accident as workers attempted to remove the debris from the crash scene.Injuries where pedestrians are struck by cars often result in blunt force trauma to a victim's head, broken bones or death. If someone you know has been struck by a vehicle, you should consult a Los Lunas car accident attorney to find out what options may exist in terms of filing an injury claim.

The plight of brain injury victims in New Mexico

Throughout New Mexico, there are many reasons different individuals have come to face traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). There are some that have been victims of abuse at the hands of their spouses, others that have suffered TBIs in combat as soldiers or while being tackled on the football field and then there's those that have suffered blunt force trauma in the course of car or truck accidents.

For one 60-year-old Santa Fe woman, she still deals with the aftereffects of her car accident that occurred on Cerillos Road, even though six years have passed since it occurred. In the blink of an eye, the woman suffered a severe brain injury that robbed her of her mental acuity and memories she could easily recall before her car crash.

Types of injuries covered by workers' compensation insurance

In order to remain in compliance with New Mexico state law, most every employer is required to take out workers' compensation insurance. This type of liability insurance covers costs associated with worker injuries to include medical bills, lost wages and other related damages.

As for how a work-related injury is defined, it includes any injury that an employee suffers while working on behalf of his or her employer. While many might think that this definition means that it's required that the injury occurs on their employer's premises, it can actually happen in a company car or on another party's property as well.

Low-risk pregnant moms and C-section complications

During the past 20 years, there's been a marked increased in the number of mothers receiving C-sections. In fact, some estimates suggest that as much as one in every three births are cesarean ones. Perhaps even more alarming is that, as the rate of C-sections in this country has increased, so too has the country's maternal mortality rates.

A first-time mom that is pregnant with a single, full-term baby that's not breach is the epitome of a textbook low-risk birth. It's only when factors such as the mother's obesity, chronic medical condition or her age enter into the picture that a birth might be considered high-risk.

Suspected drunk Los Lunas man strikes, injures Belen woman

Officers with the Belen Police Department arrested a 61-year-old Los Lunas man on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) on Tuesday, June 29, 2017. They arrested the man after responding to a car crash in which he slammed into the rear of a 54-year-old Hub City woman's Ford Taurus earlier in the afternoon.

Witnesses interviewed by police reported having seen the man driving his white Chevrolet pickup truck in the westbound direction along Reinken Avenue as he approached its intersection with Sixth Street. They noted he was driving at an accelerated rate of speed. Waiting at that traffic signal, there was the gray four-door sedan's driver, waiting for the light to turn green.

Watch out for drunk drivers, especially on the weekends!

Many New Mexico residents work 40 to 60 hours per week. If you're one of them, you probably like to enjoy the weekends. Who can blame you? It's always nice to get together with friends and family to eat, drink and be merry. The problem is, many people include alcohol in their drinks then make irresponsible choices to drive after imbibing. If you're behind the wheel on a weekend in Rio Grande, Los Lunas or other regions, chances are there are drunk drivers in your midst.

There are typically several ways to avoid alcohol-related problems, whether you are a party host or a guest driving home afterward. If you plan to celebrate the weekend with others, it's best to research such options ahead of time to lower your risk of being involved in a drunk driving collision.

2 motorcyclists die after crash with U-turning car

Two unidentified motorcyclists lost their lives on Thursday, June 8, 2017, after they were struck by a car while jointly riding their motorbike. The fatal accident occurred along in southwest Albuquerque near the intersection of 98th Street and San Ygnacio.

A tourquoise-colored sedan was driving along San Ygnacio in the southbound direction as it approached the roadway's intersection with 98th Street. The driver of the car was preparing to make a U-turn when both the motorcycle and car crashed into one another. The motorcycle was obliterated in the crash while the sedan sustained only front end and passenger side impact damage.

New Mexico's fatal car crashes: Are the rates getting any better?

Each year around June, New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) releases traffic statistics for the previous year. Officials, in turn, use the new numbers to help them better determine where they could stand to still make some improvements. If we compare 2016 to the statistics from the two prior years, then it appears that very little progress is being made when it comes to fatal car crash numbers.

During the 2016 calendar year, the NMDOT reported 402 traffic-related fatalities, a significant increase from the 298 that occurred in 2015 and just slightly more than the 386 that happened in 2014. For the three years in question, fatalities were less frequent during January and February at 67 and 71 respectively. In contrast, the two most active months were July and October, with 107 and 106 crashes each.

How many doctors disclose surgical errors to their patients?

National guidelines suggest that doctors and hospitals should fully disclose any surgical error to both the patient and their family members as soon as possible after it occurs. A recent study published in JAMA Surgery found that doctors fell short in disclosing these indiscretions though.

To better understand how well doctors respond to these recommendations, researchers polled at least 60 different surgeons working across 12 different specialties at three different veteran's hospitals in the United States. The majority of the doctors polled reported having followed at least five of the eight recommended procedures in disclosing an adverse surgical outcomes.

Workers' compensation claim versus civil lawsuit: How to decide

If you've been injured at work, then you've probably amassed some medical bills or have lost wages as a result. In most instances like this, an employee would file a workers' compensation claim to recover their expenses and lost compensation. However, there are instances in which an employee might decide to forego filing a workers' compensation claim altogether and decide to file a civil one instead.

While most employers are required to have workers' compensation insurance in the event an employee is injured on the job, there are some who either neglect to take it out or happen to be ones that don't have to. If you happen to work for an employer that does carry workers' comp insurance, then you're fortunate in that the coverage affords you the ability to receive reimbursement for both medical bills and lost wages if you suffer an injury, whether you're negligent or not.

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