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Los Lunas' DWI program attempts to reduce DWI-related fatalities

When it comes to reducing the rates of fatal car accidents caused by drunk drivers, many grassroots organizations advocate for increased educational efforts and stiff penalties for those found to be driving drunk. It's believed that, in working to educate citizens about the dangers of driving drunk, including the risk of causing bodily harm to both themselves and others, that it can shape their choices and reduce unnecessary deaths.

In July of 2012, the Village of Los Lunas, in collaboration with Valencia County, implemented a DWI program intended to not only reduce incidence rates of driving under the influence across all age groups, but to specifically address underage drinking as well. This program is supported by both local and state grant funds.

The program not only advocates prevention and education, but provides avenues for increased enforcement, including sanctions. And for those with alcohol or drug dependencies, it provides treatment for them as well.

For those that have been previously detained for an alcohol-related offense, an alternative sentencing may be imposed. One device commonly used that has shown promise in terms of tracking the intoxication of defendants has been the SCRAM. It's a type of electronic bracelet that monitors alcohol consumption of a defendant and notifies either their probation officer or counselor if intoxication is suspected.

Enforcement activities have also been stepped up throughout both Los Lunas and in Valencia County to reduce the incidence rate of drunk driving. Measures that have been implemented include the setting up of check points, carrying out of compliance checks, and the offering of saturation patrols. Stings aimed at prosecuting facilitators of underage drinking have been implemented as well.

The expectation is that, by being proactive in educating drivers about the risks associated with driving drunk, that car accident fatalities associated with DUI will be greatly reduced. Although that's the case, these goals often go unmet and irresponsible drivers continue to take the lives of others.

If you have been injured or lost a loved at the hands of a suspected drunk driver, an experienced Los Lunas car accident attorney can provide guidance as to different legal avenues you may have to pursue.

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