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How can you avoid becoming involved in a car crash?

As we're prepared to get our driver's permits and then licenses as teens, we all likely spent significant time reading over driving laws and tips and then taking driver's education for practical experience. Our defensive driving skills decline over the years, though, leaving us vulnerable to becoming involved in car crashes.

One reason motorists end up crashing into other cars is because they ride too closely to others. This is why most instructors warn drivers to keep at least a driving distance of at least two seconds between both you and the one in front of you.

Bicycle safety tips may help you on the road

As someone who has recently become interested in cycling, you may have much to learn. While learning to ride a bicycle is something most individuals do as a child, you could still benefit from understanding certain safety tips and tricks that could help you as you bike, especially if you plan to ride on or near roadways.

Because bicyclists can be more difficult to see, you could face a greater risk of involvement in a car accident than individuals utilizing other forms of travel. Therefore, you will certainly want to do your best to remain conscious of your actions and the actions of vehicle drivers in hopes of maintaining your safety.

Protecting America's Workers Act to penalize negligent employers

United States senators in Washington D.C. have their sights set on getting the Protecting America's Workers Act passed this current session.

The law was first introduced by the late Massachusetts Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy 14 years ago in April of 2004. While it's been introduced in both the House of Representatives and in the Senate several times over the past decade and a half, it has yet to gain enough votes to be signed into law.

Who's subject to hours of service regulations?

When truck accidents occur, perhaps one of the first things law enforcement will ask as part of their investigation into what occurred is to review the driver's logbook. This is especially the case in more serious types of incidents where another motorist may suffer either serious injuries or die.

In reviewing this log, it has the potential of shedding light on whether a trucker may have been fatigued at the time he or she was involved in the crash.

New Mexico hunting ranch guides accused of not protecting guests

Two New Mexico hunting guides, along with a Presidio County, Texas hunting ranch, have all been sued for negligence by a Florida chiropractor. The plaintiff is suing them collectively for $1 million after he was shot as he slept in his motorhome along the United States-Mexican border on the evening of January 6, 2017.

According to the plaintiff, he'd been warned of a number of recent burglaries in the area as he headed off to sleep in the motorhome he'd rented for accommodations during his hunting trip at the Circle Dug Ranch. He had been told that it would be best to sleep with his gun next to him in case someone tried to break in.

You should be concerned when your health declines after a crash

When you're involved in a car accident and police are summoned to the scene, they tend to ask all parties involved if they are injured and need an ambulance. In more catastrophic collisions, it may be clear that an unconscious or severely battered motorist needs assistance, but other injuries may seem relatively minor at the forefront.

Whiplash injuries generally appear either immediately after or in the days following a car crash but can linger as long as six weeks, even if you are seen by a chiropractor or physical therapist.

Suffering a head injury in a car accident is a big deal

A New Mexico car accident can change your life in many ways, especially if it leaves you with injuries that cause lingering complications. It is not easy to recover from certain types of injuries, particularly ones to the head or brain, and even minor injuries involving the brain can have a serious effect on your life.

If you are dealing with the aftermath of a head injury that you suffered as the result of another person's reckless or negligent actions, you have options. Car accident victims have the right to pursue compensation through a personal injury claim, which allows these individuals to seek recovery of financial losses and more. If you think you have a case due to your brain injury, you have no time to lose in seeking the full protection of your rights.

Los Lunas Police Department warns that texting and driving kills

On Wednesday, March 7, the Los Lunas Police Department (LLPD) issued a press release reminding area residents of both the illegality and dangers associated with driving and texting.

In their statement, they reminded area residents that texting and driving has long been illegal in New Mexico, except in the rare situation in which you either requesting emergency or medical help. Using any handheld mobile device to either read or send texts while driving is forbidden in all other situations.

Mental health concerns increase women's workplace injury risk

A recent study, published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine on Feb. 12, suggests that women with fatigue, anxiety or depression are at higher risk of suffering injuries on the job than their male counterparts.

In order to reach this conclusion, researchers at the Colorado School of Public Health combed through some 17,000 different claims for workers' compensation. The cases that the Center for Health, Work and Environment researchers reviewed spanned a variety of industries across 314 different employers.

How do midwives help to reduce pregnancy or birth complications?

Throughout many parts of Europe, midwives are responsible for delivering at least half of all babies born so that obstetricians can be freed up to focus their attention on more high-risk pregnancies and deliveries. In other countries like New Zealand and Canada, midwives are relied upon to manage particularly complex pregnancies and births.

In those countries in which midwives are relied upon heavily, infant or maternal mortality rates are significantly lower than they are in the United States.

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