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Which type of worker is most apt to get injured on the job?

A recent Department of Labor report suggests that just last year, at least three million Americans either had to miss work or had their jobs downgraded because they suffered an injury or illness while working.

Among one of the five most injury- or illness-prone jobs, those working in animal production, which includes caretaking and husbandry roles, have the highest risk of workplace injuries of all professions. In fact, 6.6 out of every 100 workers in this profession are believed to suffer injuries on the job each year.

The second type of worker most likely to suffer an injury on the job is one that works in the nursing or residential care setting. One of the biggest risks for injury in this profession comes when patients or residents have to be lifted or moved. Illness risk is high because of frontline exposure to ill patients.

At least 6.5 out of 100, or 165,000 workers, are believed to be injured on the job each year in this profession. The injury rate in government-run facilities is 11.7 per 100, nearly double the rate encountered at private facilities.

Couriers or letter carriers are the third most likely group of workers to suffer an injury on the job with 6.4 injured workers per 100. Wood manufacturers, or those who regularly use saws, have an injury rate of 5.9 per 100.

Those working in the aerospace field, whether as pilots, freight or cargo agents, or as mechanics, are fifth most likely to be injured on the job. They have an injury rate of 5.8 out of 100.

If you've been hurt on the job, a Los Lunas workers' compensation attorney may advise you of your right to file a claim for lost wages and medical costs in your case.

Source: Fortune, "5 industries where workers are most likely to get hurt on the job," Jeremy Quittner, accessed Dec. 15, 2017

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