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An overview of the "no-zones" around a semi-truck, Part 1

All motor vehicles have, to some degree, "no-zones" (or blind-spots for passenger vehicles). These no-zones are responsible for a substantial portion of traffic collisions, including injuries and fatalities. No-zones are even more dangerous around semi-trucks because of their sheer size and speeds at which many accidents occur (i.e. on the highway). This post will go over how to identify two of the no-zones.

The no-zones can be divided into two categories, those that are due to the truck driver?s limited visibility and those that are due to the inherent limitations in the truck to slow down or avoid an unexpected passenger vehicle. This post will discuss the no-zones that are in the driver?s limited visibility.

Truck drivers are unable to see passenger cars in two areas, on either side of the truck and the rear of the truck. Semi-trucks sit very high up about passenger vehicles, therefore, even though their mirrors are significantly larger and are placed further away from the truck, they cannot see cars that follow too close. It is recommended that passenger vehicles avoid driving too close to the side or behind a truck. A good rule is if you cannot see your car in the truck driver?s mirror, then you are following too close.

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident with a tractor-trailer truck, then you may want to contact a lawyer ? you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries and pain and suffering. An attorney can assist you by investigating the truck driver, the truck owner, and every other company connected to that truck. Accidents are complicated incidents that are often difficult to reconstruct. Lawyers are skilled at picking apart the causes of an accident, to ensure that you focus your efforts on the correct party. You don?t need to figure it out alone; an attorney can help.

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